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Returning to Work: 3 Ways to Create Safer, Healthier Spaces


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COVID-19 has turned the traditional workplace on its head. As organizations around the world return to work, they’re seeing and planning changes for nearly every area of their space; from desk and workstation reconfigurations to common rooms, restrooms, and more, organizations are finding new ways to keep employees healthy, safe, and at least six feet apart from each other throughout the day.

Fortunately, there are fast and easy solutions that are helping local organizations implement quick measures to keep their team going! Here are our top three ways you can create a healthier, safer workplace when your team returns:

1.) Fast, Flexible Solutions Now with the Future in Mind


Creating six-foot distances between employees is expected, but newly spaced-out areas shouldn’t be set in stone! As time goes on, solutions like DIRTT’s walls, partitions, dividers, and other products allow for easy change and the ability to adapt the layout to fit your team’s needs - now and later. Easily reconfigurable areas are your best choice, saving you time and money on future changes! Whether it’s just a small adjustment, swapping out of panels/glass for other materials, or fully moving the system to another location, DIRTT solutions give your team options that other building materials and similar providers just can’t offer.

And the best part? It’s FAST! From start to finish, these DIRTT solutions take just 4-6 weeks! Imagine: you’ve just decided how you want to configure your space, making it a healthy and safe space for your team. You sign on the dotted line, and your order is sent off to DIRTT. Just weeks later, your new office layout has arrived, and your team is able to work in your space, assured that their health and safety is top of mind in your organization. We’re helping you protect your people, your organization, and your space with DIRTT solutions, making spaces safer to keep your team going strong.

Lastly, many contractors are being faced with having minimal people on site. With DIRTT, in this time of social distancing and COVID-19 job considerations, we can get the job done in fewer days with less people on site. 

Download our Free DIRTT Brochure on Physical Distancing to Learn More!

2.) Safety Signage Keeps It Clean

Safety Signage

The “stand in line here” markers you’ve seen on grocery store floors are much more than meets the eye. Safety signage is designed to keep you safe and help enforce six-foot boundaries, and it’s protecting our communities by physically distancing our people. In that same vein, safety signage for your workplace (with your branding) is just as vital to helping ensure that your team follows proper protocols, and it’s an easy way for your team to understand and practice safe procedures!

From floor markers and spacing signage to new policy placards, door- and wall-mounted signs, and so much more, safety signage is an easily understood and effective way to communicate proper safety procedures to anyone who enters your space. In addition, this signage creates an assured sense of comfort and safety within your space, showing that your organization cares about its employees and its guests, connecting those feelings to your team through branded designs!

Download our Free Safety Signage Brochure to Learn More!
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3.) Disinfecting and Cleaning

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Last but absolutely not least, regular cleaning and disinfecting of spaces is vital to keeping them healthy and safe. A wipe-down of common touchpoints (like coffee makers, water coolers, door handles, etc.) is just the beginning; scheduling regular, routine disinfections and cleanings is crucial to the health of your organization.

Our hospital-grade disinfectants are approved by the EPA to fight COVID-19, and our machines allow for complete disinfection of an entire space, top to bottom! With a Full Deep Cleaning service, we’re not just wiping things down; we’re fully cleaning your products (cubicle panels, workstations, chairs, desks, etc.) and fully disinfecting your space. Schedule a Full Deep Cleaning, and plan with us to see what routing disinfections can do to keep your space (and your team) healthy and safe!

We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through this stronger than ever. Make your Return-To-Work a prepared effort for your company, and make the return as clean, healthy, and safe as it can be for your team!

Download our Free Disinfecting and Cleaning Brochure to Learn More!
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