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How Floor Maintenance Affects Your Lifestyle


You drive your car around every day, mile-after-mile. And to keep it running smoothly, you need to take care of it—to get under the hood. No matter the make or model, it’s routine to get your oil changed in order to get where you’re going with ease.

But what would happen if you didn’t change your oil, or even changed it incorrectly?  The same principle applies to your commercial floors. Choosing a regular floor maintenance program might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you purchase your commercial floors, but it’s the secret to keeping them looking good and performing their best for years to come. 

By starting a floor maintenance program right after new commercial floors are installed, you can almost double the lifespan of your floors—ultimately saving you time and money in the long-run.

Still not convinced on how much floor maintenance can affect your lifestyle? Here are our top three takeaways on why floor maintenance is critical:

It protects your investment

Let’s be frank—commercial flooring isn’t cheap. It’s a substantial investment that you’ll want to protect. But that investment goes beyond the materials. Lifecycle costs such as removal, disposal, lost revenue during renovations and maintenance costs are all factors. Good floor maintenance helps protect your total flooring investment because after all, the longer your floors last, the less it will cost in the long-run.

Carpets last longer and cost less

No matter how you sweep it—reactive floor maintenance can’t fully restore a carpet to its original splendor. Regularly scheduled floor maintenance removes soil before it can build up and damage carpet fibers. With this routine care, you can extend the life of your carpet, or even double it. This reduces the costs of restoration, replacement and disposal.

It’s better for the environment

Protect your investment and feel good while doing it. Increasing the amount of time a carpet remains intact reduces the overall environmental footprint. A proactive floor maintenance program can significantly improve the life cycle of your commercial flooring meaning less waste going to landfills.

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