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Case Study: Pointview Elementary School


Pointview Elementary, part of Westerville City Schools, wanted to bring all of their students closer together by doing something new and exciting. They decided to create a unique and fun learning environment that would spark their students' creativity. After gathering input from students through personal interviews and drawing inspiration from a water tower behind the school, they enlisted our help to create an ocean-themed floor that brings sea creatures and other treasures to life.

One-of-a-kind ocean-themed floor!One-of-a-kind ocean-themed floor!One-of-a-kind ocean-themed floor!

We worked alongside Tandus Centiva to install Luxury Vinyl Tile and laser-cut custom images of everything from seahorses, dolphins, and sharks to boats, dragons, and mermaids. The sky, or rather the sea, was the limit. In addition, we cut a working sundial into the material of their circular art room floor as well as created a large compass in the cafeteria. Students are able to learn just by looking at the environment around them. This school is truly one-of-a-kind!

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