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3 Reasons Why DIRTT Is Your Ticket Back Into The Workplace



Whether you’re planning your return to the office soon or are already there, the workspace lives on with new changes to keep us safe! Safety signage tells us where to go and how to use our new spaces, and reconfiguring furniture and areas helps us keep 6-foot distances, but what about larger changes? In these rapidly changing times, spending the time and money to construct permanent walls and other fixtures turns into an expensive decision that will likely have to change again as time goes on, so what can you do that will help your space (and team) both now and in the future?

Enter: DIRTT, the perfect solution for Physical Distancing! Designed with flexibility in mind, DIRTT partitions and interior construction are changing the industry with movable walls, complete customization, and the ability to add to and adapt your space as time goes on. COVID-19 has presented challenges like our offices have never seen before, but with DIRTT’s prefabricated solutions and products, any space can easily benefit from quick changes now that can then be altered as time goes on! Here’s a deeper dive into our top 3 reasons why DIRTT is truly worth your attention for returning to the workplace:

1.) Prefabricated = Speedy Construction


Since the solutions that DIRTT provides are prefabricated, partitions and walls arrive to your workplace ready to go and install in a mere fraction of the time of conventional construction. For example, the average DIRTT construction project takes just a few weeks from manufacturing to installation, with some even faster than that! An entire space can be reworked in a fraction of the time of traditional construction, getting you back to the workplace quicker with solutions that can change over time. That brings us to our next reason…

2.) Flexible and Movable

Possibly one of the best features of DIRTT products is their overall versatility. DIRTT panels can be interchanged and swapped out; a folding wall can collapse or expand to quickly separate a space, a regular wall can become full/partial glass, and a glass wall can be replaced with embedded technology/TVs, etc. to make the most of your space. If you can think of it, DIRTT can make it happen and adjust over time to fit your needs!

COVID-19 is on the forefront of every space right now, but we know our curve will eventually decline. When that happens, do you want to be stuck with traditional construction and fixed boundaries, or do you want a space that can become however you want with relative ease? DIRTT makes that happen, whether that’s changing within your space or moving to an entirely new space!

cafe.1(The DIRTT Cafe at our Columbus Headquarters has been moved 3 times!)

3.) Safety First


Beyond all else, our goal for our teams both now and in the future is to keep people safe. Right now, that means we need to provide them with spaces that keep 6-foot spaces between workers, creating some separated and defined areas that help control the spread of COVID-19. DIRTT partitions and walls are installed faster in your space than any other form of interior construction, with far fewer people on-site than traditional installation to further reduce the risk of viral spread!

For these three reasons and so many more, DIRTT is the solution that just makes sense for your space. Designed for change, and able to be customized for spaces as unique as yours, these products and solutions are an amazing way to get your teams quickly back into spaces that keep them safe! Check out our full DIRTT Physical Distancing Brochure to see even more ways that these amazing products are helping organizations just like yours:


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